Solution Component

Quality Detection Vision

The Quality Inspection Vision is a system for examining quality issues, such as detection of defective RPP & Deadner sealing systems.
Improves product quality and productivity for customers with automated systems.


- Monitoring via high speed camera
Benchmark search function through algorithm
Failure detection function through matching analysis with data

Installation Requirements

OS Windows XP / 7 Grabber PIC Card Euresys Domino Symphony
CPU Pantham WordCore-class IBM Calligraphy Type Light 2 or 4halogen / LED Light
Memory 4GB more Keyboard 101 Key
Hard Disk 100GB more Mouse Window Support Mouse
Graphic /Monitor VGA / SVGA / XGA Printer Window Support Printer
Ethernet card GIGA 2 port and more Serial Port USB2.0 Port 2
Camera 2 or 4Sony HR50 Optimal Resolution 640 * 480