Solution Component

Main Control Panel

The MCP controls the robot system as a central control tower.
Combining the pulse distributor enables more effective system operation.


Robot System Control Function
PLC communication function
Safety device function

Painting Acc. - Pulse Distributor

Pulse Distributor

Pulse Distributor gets conveyor pulse and then sends them to each robot for position tracking.

Line up
DLP-PI10 / DLP-PI20 / DLP-PE20

Technical Details

Size (mm) 162(w) x 138.4(h) x 87.5(d)
Weight 1.2kg
Rating DC 24V (±5%), 0.4A (10W)
DC 5V (±5%), 3A (15W)
Power consumption 25W max.
Operating Temperature 1 ℃ (34 ℉) ~ 50 ℃ (122 ℉)