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Vehicle Detection Vision

The vehicle type detection vision is a system designed to prevent problems by comparing pressurized data with actual vehicle types using high speed network cameras. It can be Improved customer quality of production with efficient production support and outstanding reliability.


- Unlimited number of matching points setting function
- Test Options Setup function
- Multicore Processing function

Installation Requirements

OS Windows XP / 7 Grabber PIC카드 Euresys Domino Symphony
CPU Pantham WordCore-class IBM Calligraphy Type Light 2 or 4halogen / LED Light
Memory 4GB more Keyboard 101 Key
Hard Disk 100GB more Mouse Window Support Mouse
Graphic /Monitor VGA / SVGA / XGA Printer Window Support Printer
Ethernet card GIGA 2 port and more Serial Port USB2.0 Port 2
Camera 2 or 4Sony HR50 Optimal Resolution 640 * 480