About Us

A Global Engineering Company Reaching Out to the World

DOOLIM-YASKAWA takes a leap forward
to be a global engineering company.


DOOLIM-YASKAWA, Painting & Sealing Robot System Provider, guarantees best qualities by
cooperating with YASKAWA Electric, global industrial robot provider.

We provide high-quality software and advanced technology services along with the best robot
quality to provide the best solution for improving customer productivity.

All we want to do is to share with you our passion to be the best—our dream and vision
of becoming the top company in the industry in the global market.
‘Color Your Dream’, our slogan is contained our will and dreams,
and it is a reliable promise to our customers.


  • VISION - Painting/Sealing Leading Company in YASKAWA Group
    - Leading company in Smart Factory in painting/sealing automation
  • Mission - Provide the optimal solution for improving customer productivity
    - Leading company in automation of painting and sealing
Principles of Conduct
  • · Learn to adapt to the changing managerial environment
  • · Solve problems creatively
  • · Mutual sharing of knowledge & experiences
  • · Building cooperative relations among employee and with customers
  • · Overcoming technical limitations through learning and sharing
  • · Lead technology in the global market through change and innovation
Core Values
  • · Pursue transparent, fair, and rational work performance
  • · Recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility
  • · Get proactive to overcoming difficult problems
  • · Have a posture of a take the initiative
Community Sprit
  • · Cooperation of customers, partners, and our employees
  • · Keep the spirit of growing together in mind