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Headquarter and plant.


[Headquarter] Anyang office building

Anyang office deal with general management; R&D, Engineering, CS, Sales, Management and Training

  • 4F DOOLIM-YASKAWA Global Training Center
  • 5F YASKAWA Engineering Korea HQ
  • 6F YASKAWA Electric Korea Anyang Subsidiary
  • 7F DOOLIM-YASKAWA R&D / Engineering / CS
  • 8F DOOLIM-YASKAWA Sales / Management

[Plant] Hwasung Plant

[Plant] Hwasung Plant

Plant is equipped with modular facilities, test lab, warehouse and R&D test facility

  • A Office Building
  • B Office Building
  • C Spray Teat Lab
  • D Modular Build
  • E Cafeteria
  • F Modular Build
  • J R&D Test Facility
  • K Warehouse


  • Painting Test Lab The DOOLIM-YASKAWA test lab specializes in testing robotic painting systems equipped with automated guided vehicles, opener robot, ovens, and was built to simulate the actual painting environments of our customers.

    ·Facility Rail Guided Vehicles, painting robots, opener robots, Bell , paint, bell-test units, oven
  • Modular Build Provided with the opportunity to operate our up to 120 robots and run networking tests, our customers are free to observe all steps in the painting process—of sealing base, primer, and clear coats—at our Modular Build