Solution Component

Bell Tester

The bell test unit is designed for pre-inspection without the need for a bell to be attached directly to the robot.

Testable items
  • · Turbine Drive
  • · Brake Air
  • · Atomizer rotational speed
  • · valve
  • · Air output status


Ensuring safety of painting process by conducting pre-inspection of atomizer and parts
Valves, turbines, shaping air, etc. can be tested to ensure stable quality of the final product.
Saving time and cost with easy atomizer maintenance

Technical Details

Size 1100(w) x 1450 (h) x 650 (d) mm
Air Pressure 5.5 ~ 8 bar
Rotation speed 20,000 rpm ~ 50,000 rpm
Power Source 220V (±10%) 50Hz/60Hz
Mode Auto, Manual